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The world has gone digital. Companies that offer superior digital capabilities are rewriting the rules of competition. To stay competitive, companies must commit to transforming themselves into full digital businesses, or risk getting ‘uberized’.

Catapult Wireless offers digital strategy consulting services for small and medium businesses, to drive growth. We create smart digital products and services that enable businesses to thrive against a background of accelerating change.

But we have an IT strategy?

IT Strategy is a technical answer to a business question

“How will IT help the business win?”. It assumes the business strategy is set, then considers how to use IT to make that strategy successful. IT Strategy is usually conducted downstream of after business strategy.

Digital Strategy is a business answer to a digital question

“How should our business evolve to survive and thrive in an increasingly digital world?” It is not a separate strategy, but instead a lens on business strategy. All aspects of the business strategy should be informed by digital considerations.

Every organization needs both an IT Strategy and a Digital Business Strategy. They must be highly aligned with each other, but they are not the same thing. Innovation should result from a complete shift in end-to-end processes that leverage cutting-edge digital practices.

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Key Steps to Digital Transformation


Make Digital Transformation the priority. Create a digital strategy: Defend – Differentiate – Disrupt.


Rethink how your business adds value to its customers. Focus on the future, rather than the past.


Build & maintain culture that prizes innovation, constant change & evolution. Rather than be process oriented, select & train for flexibility and agility.


Constant reinvention is the key to medium and long term success


Treat technology as a weapon, a differentiator, not just to support your business. Treat marketing as an area to generate insights, not just as a lead generator.

How can we help?

  • Identify, articulate and execute on digital opportunities that will increase your organization’s competitive advantage
  • Identify ways to digitally optimize your business model
  • Study impact of Digital on different business practices (sales, marketing, HR, production)
  • Identify KPI’s like increasing sales, decreasing costs and optimizing production
  • Identify and prioritize strategic initiatives like creating enterprise apps to help mobilize the workforce, enhance interaction among customers, suppliers, employees or optimizing your websites to increase lead generation
  • Enabling new business or operating models, such as peer-to-peer product innovation or customer service

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