Rolodex App, Directory App
Man Friday is a Rolodex app / directory app for iPhone & Android, that allows you to store your organization's key contacts in your pocket, search, view complete information about them including photos and contact them instantly, like an online rolodex.

The app even notifies you of key dates related to your contacts (Birthdays, Work Anniversaries, service renewal dates, etc).

When you are running an organization, it's hard to remember everyone. You need a simple directory app that can organize your employees/members/vendors into categories and find a contact quickly. This contact management app could be used in many ways:

  • Employee Directory app
  • Instant church directory app
  • School directory app
  • Hospital directory app

It can be distributed privately within your organization (even via email) or publicly via app stores.

Through a web based admin panel, contact management is simple, quick and secure. Since all data is stored online, it ensures that your company data is safe even if your mobile device is lost or stolen.

It can be customized to suit your unique needs, including integration with your in-house contact management software or company website.

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