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  • Short Stories for Kids
Need a quick story for your kids? Pick one instantly from Pony Tales or write one of your own!

Pony Tales is a visual storytelling app for iPhone, iPad, with short stories for kids with pictures. It is a social publishing platform similar to sites like Wattpad and Fanfiction, but features only short stories for kids and is safe.

Write about a trip to the zoo, your best friend or just let your imagination run wild. You can publish the stories and read stories others have published.

  • Write short stories in an easy to use format that kids and adults will find fun and intuitive.
  • All published stories have to be approved to ensure all content is kid friendly. Rate your favourite stories.
  • Simple to use and easy to read. Large fonts and big pictures make it interesting for all ages.
  • You must have an internet connection to use this app, as all stories are saved on the cloud.
  • Designed for kids 2-10 years of age.
  • Unlimited stories to read and write.

Why is Pony Tales safe for kids?
  • Every story submitted is screened by Pony Tales staff, before it is published
  • Unlike sites like Wattpad, users are not allowed to upload photos and videos and must choose from the apps image library, eliminating inappropriate content.
  • Users are not allowed to post comments
  • Users cannot contact each other, so no chance of strangers chatting with your children.
Project Model: Mobile: iPad
Technology: XCode, Cocoa Framework, Facebook API, Twitter API

If you are looking to build a custom storytelling app for iPad, Android Tablets, smartphones or a web based version, please send us your requirements using the form below and we will get back right away.

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